Starting Dreads with Sponge

So you want to know if starting dreads with sponge is easy and if it actually works. Well the answer is simply yes. Our Sponge Curl brush is a serious tool that gets the job done. There are hundreds of people across the United States right now that have started their dreadlocks by using this product. If your desire is to take your natural hair and twist it up to start locs we have you covered. Learning how to use the sponge is very simple and takes minutes to become a master.

Why Are People Starting Dreads with Sponge?

starting dreads with spongeThe truth is because it’s easy and your hairstyle is so dope in the beginning that many people delay the locking process for weeks. There are other deadlock methods but this one is becoming the most popular by far.

If you have been on Instagram lately you know what I’m talking about. Our sponge curl brush is being used by barbers and shop owners nationwide. Getting this hair sponge from our online store is easy. You cannot find it in Walmart or Target and Amazon is selling knock off fakes with crappy material. If you are looking for the best your money can buy you have found us.

The holes and everything about our dreads sponge brush is official. This is why you are here at our website because we outrank all others. Thanks for visiting and you can begin starting dreads with sponge now by clicking this link.