Sponge Twist Natural Hair

Get ready to sponge twist natural hair with no prior training of detailed instructions. The curl sponge brush is the absolute best way to gain coils and curls on any individual with black hair. You are reading that correctly. If you are an African American man, boy or woman this product will twist your hair simply by rubbing it in circles on your head.

If you were wondering how to use before you got to our website wonder no more. You do not need an extensive video tutorial or training. This product is very cut and dry. The holes in the sponge twist natural hair within minutes. All you have to do is get a fresh haircut or use it to start your dreadlocks.

Sponge Twist Natural Hair for Amazing Results

The hair brush will work on any length hairstyle but for the best results use it on a TWA or right after you big chop if you are an African American woman. For guys that have short hair you will chief spectacular results right after a fresh haircut. If your barber is good at what he does you will enhance your appearance quickly after using the curl sponge.

Many Diamond Cuts clients experience the look we are writing about every week. You can get this look for your next hair style too.