Sponge Hair Brush

Is the sponge hair brush being used by African American men and women any good. You bet it is. The curl sponge has hit hard in barbershops and independent stylist all across the United States. Chances of you seeing a curly or dreadlocks hairstyle that was done by our Sponge Curl brush today is extremely high.

The next time you watch an NBA game, a college basketball game or watch any rap video just peep the hairstyles. We are positive you will see the results of the usage of this hair locking sponge.

Pictures From The Sponge Hair Brush

To see pics from the curl sponge just take the time to click the blue link in this sentence. You will witness some of the hottest black haircuts you have ever seen on the internet. The images say everything that we can’t write in this message. People hit Twitter and Instagram to flex their hairstyles daily after using this sponge curler. Men and boys flex the most but women are not far behind from what we can personally see.

Sally’s, Walmart and Target don’t sell our brush so make sure you buy it here. For guys there is no easier way to achieve curly hair. Twist and loc your thirsty roots with ease. We are glad you searched the price online to find us. We are cheap in price but of course our product is the highest quality you can have. This is why we rank extremely high and have so many people talking about us.