Hair Twist Sponge

The hair twist sponge is the ultimate product that twist and curl natural hair on men, women and boys. This hair locking sponge is being talked about on all major social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

The twister brush takes any style of African American hair and curls it up by using the designed holes in the spongy material. Gripping it is easy allowing anybody to learn the method within minutes.

Who Uses The Hair Twist Sponge?

Well that’s a great question and we would like to answer it by dropping a couple of popular celebrity names. I’m sure you have seen the hairstyles of James Harden, Omarion & Usher. Along with this NBA star and Class A singers there are plenty of others famous people that use the twist brush.

If you want the curly hair sponge effect from the curl sponge you can get it in less than two minutes. The instructions are on our website and are super easy to follow. We sell it so cheap that many barbers and people in general usually buy two at a time. You may have heard that Youseff Barber made it popular in his Diamond Cuts spot. However, the curling sponge brush has been popping since 2010. First brought to the world via The World Natural Hair show in Atlanta, Georgia.

So the next time you get a haircut make sure you buy the hair twist sponge so you can coil your hair afterwards. You will receive a lot of compliments and cause many others to ask about our product.