Hair Sponge Twist for African American Hair

hair sponge

Twisting Your Hair Is Simple

Are you here because you heard something about the hair sponge? Have you seen the pictures of Usher or Omarion and others on Instagram? Those hot looks were created by the curl sponge brush. Now you too can achieve the desired textured look you want for your natural hair. Anyone with a short afro can twist their hair into a spiral look by using this spongy brush. Have your barber give you that favorite haircut you like and then simply change it in the shop or at home in less than 2-minutes.

Coils are the desired look of black men and women now and this makes it super easy to achieve. Forget the whack knock off you see on Amazon and don’t even think about looking for this item in Walmart. The high quality sponge curl product can be purchased right here.

The price online is always the cheaper way to go and you get exactly what you want plus cool instructions in the form of video. Not to mention the amount of hair style pictures you can browse through is more than awesome.

This is the one twister that can be used to curl African American hair no matter if you want to start dreads or just rock a curly look. Not just any ole’ sponge with holes but a powerful tool in the hands of anyone especially a master barber.

The hair sponge brush is very popular amongst black men and their sons. The little boys love going to school with a nice haircut with a tight curl. The mohawk is the #1 hairstyle  selected by the young guys. The barbershop Diamond Cuts has proven this time and time again with their clients.

How To Get the Curly Hair Sponge Effect


The Youtube video above is better than any review you could possibly read about through Twitter or Instagram. After seeing the hair locking tool in action the only thing left to ask is where to buy. Obviously that’s right here at

It’s not in your local stores and surely not at a giant like Sally’s and that’s why our price online is straight to the point. Get your product delivered right to your house and be ready to enhance your haircut the same day it arrives.

You will be ready to take more pictures and fill your phone with a lot more selfie pics after using the hair sponge. That means you need to get that iPhone or Samsung cellphone ready because you will be using it more.