Dreads Sponge For Starting Your Locs

dreads sponge

The dreads sponge for hair has to be the easiest and most professional way to start your locs. Don’t spend hours twisting up your natural hair. Grab one of our curl sponge brushes and begin your journey to dreadlocks.

By using a lock and twist butter or some aloe vera gel with a dreads sponge you can achieve some amazing results. Many African American men and women begin palm rolling their thirsty roots as a start. You no longer have to do this. Single twists are easy to get when using a hair sponge.

As long as your hair curls up into a nice coil you have a great way to loc up.

Can I Use the Dreads Sponge for Two Strand Twists?

Yes, you can take two singles and turn them into two strand twists for thicker strands. This method is a little harder to break apart when washing your hair.

Speaking of washing hair… make sure you do that before applying any products to your follicles. You don’t want to have dirty hair when starting dreadlocks.

Locs are one of the coolest and the most free hairstyles a black man or woman can have. It seems like each individual loc has it’s own character. It doesn’t matter if they are pinned up, hidden inside a hat or dreadlock sock. One you have several inches of growth after starting them off with the dreads sponge you will be more than happy.

For more of a personal touch you may even decide to administer some dye. The most popular color for African Americans with loc’s is dirty blonde. This doesn’t mean you can go far beyond that and play around with auburn reds or oranges. We have seen plenty of hairstyles that carry the brightest dye  color while attending natural hair shows.