The SUPER Hot Curl Sponge Brush

curl sponge, hair sponge

A super dope way to lock and twist your black hair at home or in your favorite barbershop is to simply use the curl sponge. Some people like to call it a brush with holes and others who have found it on Instagram or Youtube simply refer to the spongy product as a twisting sponge.

It first hit the scene in 2010 at the World Natural Hair Show and Bronner Brothers in Atlanta. Natural hair was really starting to take off and black men and boys who wanted to start dreads were taking notice of this item that allowed for textured hair.

When the singer Usher appeared on the scene with a curly mohawk barbers and barbershops were bombarded with request for curly cuts and fades that would return madd smiles to faces. Using a sponge curl also called Nudred as a method of turning a short afro to twists or coils is very simple.

It’s almost like magic. All of a sudden African American men could style their thirsty roots in a way the curl in the hair looked natural. Each hairstyle taking on a look of it’s own as everybody’s face and hair type is different.

Premium barbershops like Diamond Cuts and it’s owner Youssef Barber use the technique and styling in madd videos and post across large social platforms like “The GRAM” to showcase their talent. We’ve even seen an all black version.

You can’t find or buy the sponges in Walmart or Target to achieve this hairstyle. So the next big question might be where can I buy the sponge that curls hair.

The answer is simple. This website provides you a safe and easy option to get the time FAST! No worrying about DIY information on how to make them from crappy and cheap Autozone material. You can get your curl sponge right now at a low cost.

There are plenty of review postings on Facebook or Tumblr about this product. Celebrity rappers, basketball players and music artist like Omarion all know about it.

Now it’s your turn to grab the one thing that will raise your haircut game to another level. For the best results your hair must be slightly damp and sealed. Water is the best moisturizer and we recommend Apricot Castor Oil to seal in that moisture from the H2O.