Curl Sponge Haircut

curl sponge haircutHere is a quick look at a curl sponge haircut from the side and back. This hairstyle is basically a mohawk with a fade that fits best on a black man or boy.

You can see that the hair is extremely healthy. Once your thirsty roots are properly moisturized and sealed using the curl sponge to twist it up is simple.

We actually urge people who want to start dreads to use this method of twisting single strands to loc up. The curl sponge haircut is just one of the many options you have after using the twist brush. Having a really good barber fade you out in a style like the one above guarantees you a very nice look.

Pictures of Curl Sponge Haircut

You probably found our website by searching for some hot hairstyle pics that were created by the hair sponge. I’m sure you have seen many pro level athletes that play football and basketball rocking these haircuts. Seems like 5 out of 10 African American men have twist in their hair now. There is nothing wrong with that percentage either. Many of the men and young boys coming out of barber shops now look very handsome.

For years barbers have been in competition with one another when it comes to cutting and now curl sponge haircut styles have pushed it further. If you look on social media outlets like Instagram or Twitter you will see a bunch of images from barbers. Each of them are displaying their best work. Trust us when we say that the twist sponge is in the center of the conversation and battle. If you want to be in the midst of these pictures posted make sure you buy a sponge curl brush today. Make sure you send us a pic so we can give you some props too.