Curl Sponge for Black Men

curl sponge for black men

Tight fade and curls

The curl sponge for black men is an awesome product that you should own. Using it to twist your natural hair is easy and surely makes the haircut more appealing. Women in the roles of wives, girlfriends & fiancee’s are loving the look on their men who have a sponge curl. Getting the desired look is not hard and literally takes about 2-minutes when in use.

African American men and boys are buying this item to groom themselves after leaving their barber. A nice haircut is much better once curled with a sponge brush. If you have an important event or special place you have to attend soon don’t go without using this brush. It’s not hard to stand out in the crowd when everyone in that crowd is talking about you.

Recently we received an email testimonial which we are considering posting as a review. The piece of electronic mail explains how the curl sponge for black men is changing the perception of the guys in their family. What was once just a bunch of mini afros and slightly wild cuts to the family has become a great looking textured hairstyle that other black men and women respect and ask about.

The Curl Sponge for Black Men Changing Thoughts

A nice faded cut and the use of this spongy product can drastically change the way people see you even if you are wearing an urban clothing style. This includes our favorite and most comfortable outfit. What is that selection you ask? A pair of Jordans, jeans, a fitted hat and a nice shirt from Hollister or better.

Twisting your hair with a dope haircut says that you care about your look and it forces other to respect your appearance and presence. This is what is being said from mothers, sisters and aunts of the guys sporting a curl sponge haircut. It’s amazing what a small change in style can do for black males in our community. Our father always said “Son, look like you have somewhere important to be”. This was great advice then and surely is good words to help now. The curl sponge for a black man is changing the way people look at our men and boys across the board.