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Best Flat Irons For Curly Hair: Let’s Straighten Those Babies

Recent surveys indicate that women spend between 40 and 55 minutes each day on their hair. If you want to make the most of that time, one of the items you’re going to need is a flat iron. It’s a Must-Have for women, especially those with curly hair. And particularly those of us who envy […]


Best Flat Irons For Fine Hair: Proper Care For Your Fine Hair

Just because you have fine hair, doesn’t mean you need to shy away from flat irons – gone are the days when flat irons simply made fine hair limp, dull and lifeless. With the pace of hair care technology rapidly increasing, straighteners are now being made with the fine-haired girl in mind.  If your hair […]


Best Ceramic Flat Irons To Get That Salon Straightened Look

Do you want sexy, sleek hair that has a salon straightened look? Ceramic flat irons are generally a good choice over ones with metal plates. They conduct the heat more efficiently and are less likely to damage your hair. They can also help to control frizz and give your hair a naturally straight appearance.One big […]


Best Titanium Flat Irons For Quickly Straightening Your Hair

When looking for a good hair straightener, the question that often arises is what type of flat iron to go for?  To help answer that questions, we reviewed the best titanium hair straighteners on the market and presented our top rated selections for your review.Titanium irons are the best of the metal plated irons as […]


Best Cheap Flat Irons: Straighten Your Hair, Not Your Wallet

Getting that soft, shiny and straight hair doesn’t have to leave your wallet empty. Here are some inexpensive or dare I say it…cheap flat irons that give you the same quality job as their more expensive counterparts. After all, why fork out your hard earned cash for some high-priced flat irons, and then be unable […]

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