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Best Professional Flat Irons For Straightening Your Hair

In the market for a new flat iron? Of course, you want the best quality and best performing straightener that gets you that salon look at home. For the lowest price!  So, how much money should you spend on a flat iron? Before you decide to buy the cheapest, take a look below at our list of the […]


HSI Professional Flat Iron Review: Everything You Need to Know About

With advancing technology and a variety of products at your disposal, finally kissing bad hair days goodbye is now a reality. The tools are out there, so why allow the price to be the one thing keeping them out of your reach? The truth is that you don’t have to.The HSI Professional flat iron has helped thousands […]


Best Flat Irons for Thick Hair Rated and Reviewed for You

Thick hair can be beautiful to look at. But, at the same time, it can be impossible to manage. This is especially true if you prefer a straight look to your naturally curvy or wavy one. Finding the best hair straightener for thick hair makes straightening your hair a much easier task.Thick hair has lots of natural volume […]


Best Flat Irons For Natural Hair: Reviews, Ratings & Instructional Video

Maybe you’ve seen those photos from the 1960s of a woman with her head on an ironing board while a friend irons her hair like it’s a pantsuit. And that was a great improvement over earlier flame-heated irons that could literally set your hair on fire.  The technology of hair straightening has made great strides, […]


Best Flat Irons for Black Hair: Our Best Picks Reviewed for You

I got somethin’ to say! Black women have some special challenges with their hair. So when you’re looking for the best flat iron for curly hair or kinky hair, let’s keep these challenges in mind. First off, let’s recognize that black hair is not coarse. Your curls and kinks are light and delicate and must […]

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