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Sponge Hair Brush

Is the sponge hair brush being used by African American men and women any good. You bet it is. The curl sponge has hit hard in barbershops and independent stylist all across the United States. Chances of you seeing a curly or dreadlocks hairstyle that was done by our Sponge Curl brush today is extremely […]


Sponge Brush for Hair Twists and Curls

Can the sponge brush for hair really give you the twists look seen nationwide on men? You bet it can. The cool thing about the tool is that it’s simple to use and takes no time to get the look you want. Mohawks, temp fades and birch fades work extremely well with the curl sponge. […]


Curl Sponge Brush Works Wonders On Hair

Twist your thirsty roots easily with the curl sponge brush. This is not a regular brushing method you have used in the past. The twisting motion on the top of your hair with this product will yield lovely curls. You won’t believe the results you will get from using it on your black hair daily. […]