Sponge Twist Natural Hair


Get ready to sponge twist natural hair with no prior training of detailed instructions. The curl sponge brush is the absolute best way to gain coils and curls on any individual with black hair. You are reading that correctly. If you are an African American man, boy or woman this product will twist your hair […]

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Sponge Hair Brush

Is the sponge hair brush being used by African American men and women any good. You bet it is. The curl sponge has hit hard in barbershops and independent stylist all across the United States. Chances of you seeing a curly or dreadlocks hairstyle that was done by our Sponge Curl brush today is extremely […]

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Sponge for Natural Hair

This is the official place to buy the sponge for natural hair. You have combed the internet looking for the curly hair sponge effect and probably kept running into us. That’s because we are the place where the curl sponge is being bought by hundreds of people. We don’t mind putting our price online because […]

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Hair Twist Sponge


The hair twist sponge is the ultimate product that twist and curl natural hair on men, women and boys. This hair locking sponge is being talked about on all major social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. The twister brush takes any style of African American hair and curls it up by using the designed […]

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Starting Dreads with Sponge

starting dreads with sponge

So you want to know if starting dreads with sponge is easy and if it actually works. Well the answer is simply yes. Our Sponge Curl brush is a serious tool that gets the job done. There are hundreds of people across the United States right now that have started their dreadlocks by using this […]

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