Best Flat Irons For Curly Hair: Let’s Straighten Those Babies

Recent surveys indicate that women spend between 40 and 55 minutes each day on their hair. If you want to make the most of that time, one of the items you’re going to need is a flat iron. It’s a Must-Have for women, especially those with curly hair. And particularly those of us who envy women with long, flowing hair.

A good flat iron helps you get that salon look without damaging your locks. So let’s focus on finding the best flat iron for curly hair. We’ll help guide you through all the hair straighteners on the market to find the one that fits your personal preference, hair type and budget.

1. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron


One of the best-selling flat irons, the HSI Pro and its ceramic tourmaline plates will transform your curls into a silky, soft mane. This double-duty iron also does a great job flipping and curling your hair, making it the best flat iron for curling hair as well as straightening hair. 

At $39.99 it’s an excellent value. The HSI Pro has a heat range of 240 - 400 degrees and is versatile enough for fine or coarse hair. It comes with some these cool accessories: heat resistant glove, carry bag and travel-size package of Argan Oil hair treatment. It has dual voltage functionality so you can have great looking hair all around the world.

2. Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron


With 1.25-inch wide ceramic tourmaline plates that heat quickly up to 450 degrees, this flat iron makes fast work of any hair type and any length. At $24.95, the Gurin Flat Iron offers professional level performance for a budget price.

User-friendly controls are strategically located to prevent accidentally changing of the heat setting as you work. Straighten, flip or make waves with this easy-to-use flat iron. Your hair will hold its shape because the ceramic tourmaline plates lock in natural moisture. A five-star product, the Gurin leaves your hair silky, manageable and looking like you just stepped out of a salon.

3. 6th Sense Professional Flat Iron


This iron delivers one-pass straightening so you get gorgeous hair in less time with less heat. At an upscale price of $119.95, you expect the best hair straightener for curly hair. 

The 6th Sense Pro is a full size, full feature iron that comes with a mini-iron for touching up or styling shorter hair. With ceramic tourmaline floating plates you can straighten your hair or add flip curls with no snags or heat-damaged hair.

Microchip controlled heat, dual voltage for international travel and heat resistant case are part of the package. Create the look you want and get ready for great hair compliments.

4. xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener Professional Flat Iron


The xtava was designed to style your hair with minimum risk of damage. Ceramic tourmaline plates with infrared heat technology straighten your hair, warming it from the inside out.

That’s an advanced level of protection for the most delicate part of the hair strand. The frizz disappears, leaving you with glistening hair. At $39.00, the xtava Pro-Satin is a salon-quality iron that performs best for curly hair.

This iron maintains even heat as it maneuvers through your hair with no bumps or snags, the primary source of frizz. Soft, straight hair is a luxury you deserve. The xtava Pro-Satin delivers.

5. Inverto Pro Entry Level 1" Flat Iron with Treatment Kit


This is a full hair treatment kit that features an Inverto Salon Professional flat iron, plus three products by Keratin Research: a comb, keratin hair treatment and clarifying shampoo.

Carry bag and dual voltage capability with international wall adapter makes this a travel-ready system. It’s a pricey $180, but the Inverto Salon Pro is the best hair straightener for curly hair and it has an award-winning supporting cast.

Do away with that mass of tight curls, maintain healthy hair and minimize the effect of humidity. With this iron you can heal and condition your hair. Then let it fly.


How you style your hair is a personal choice. You might want it to complement your body or to match your mood. A good flat iron is critical to getting that gorgeous salon look at home. Of the hundreds of brands of flat irons, we’ve named five that offer a variety of features that tame curly hair and make you look and feel great.

No doubt the best flat iron for curly hair will have ceramic/tourmaline or titanium plates. That’s the state of the art. After that, look for features that fit your budget and preference. Once you learn how the different temperature settings affect your hair you’re on your way to getting a professional look at home. And you’ll be hearing “Wow! You look terrific. Who does your hair?”

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