Best Cheap Flat Irons: Straighten Your Hair, Not Your Wallet

Getting that soft, shiny and straight hair doesn’t have to leave your wallet empty. Here are some inexpensive or dare I say it…cheap flat irons that give you the same quality job as their more expensive counterparts. After all, why fork out your hard earned cash for some high-priced flat irons, and then be unable to afford to show your fabulous look out on the town?  Here are our top five options for the best cheap flat irons available

1.  Remington S5500 Digital Anti-Static Hair Straightener


These beautiful purple irons are among the cream of the crop of affordable flat irons. Offering great features as well as amazing results, these irons run under $20.  The one inch, anti-static and floating ceramic plates, heat all the way up to 410 degrees and can style of any type of hair.

Throw in digital temperature controls, 30 second heat-up, auto-off, swivel cord and a 2 yr warranty, it almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?  But with the amount of positive feedback from users of this straightener, the Remington S5500 may just be the best inexpensive flat iron. You really need to take a serious look at this value priced straightener before shelling out big money on an upscale iron.

2.  Berta Professional Hair Straightener


What’s fantastic about these cheap flat irons is that they weren’t originally so cheap – they have been knocked down from a whopping $110, which is a steal if you ever did see one! This professional flat iron offers the styling of the more expensive straightener, yet at a fraction of the cost. The one inch ceramic tourmaline plates are great if you have tricky bangs to style or just want more precision from your flat iron.

The Berta heats up to 356 degrees in 30 seconds with a maximum salon temperature of 445 degrees. There’s a neat auto-off feature that automatically switches off the iron after thirty minutes of inactivity. With Berta irons, you won’t need to panic if you leave your house and then remember that you (like so many of us do!) left your straightener on.

3.  Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2-inch Straightener


These nifty, cheap hair straighteners are a steal at just under twenty bucks and offer a great deal of hair-styling value for your money. They deliver thirty second heat up and have a whopping, twenty-five heat settings (which is a massive amount for the price).

The anti-static ceramic straightening plates are two inches wide and capable of hitting temperatures up to 400 degrees.

This model also provides you with a very handy accompaniment of two separate brush attachments that slide and clip onto the plates. Along with great value for your money, these flat irons offer the ability to work on all different types of hair – be it frizzy and wild, or lifeless, limp hair needing transformation. Great results at a terrific price.

4.  Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron 


While the Gurin  comes in a bit higher than the others, around $25, it offers much more value than its price would suggest. The ceramic-tourmaline heating plates deliver increased negative ions which have been proven to increase the silkiness and shine of your hair. The 1 inch wide plates and its curved shape make it perfect for both short bangs and long hair. 

And you will have plenty of heat, if needed, to straighten any hair as the iron operates from 240 - 450 degrees. It lightweight and doesn't tire you out when styling. A Digital LCD temperature readout rounds out the list of features this straightener provides. And the benefits. How about soft, shiny and luxurious-looking hair?.

5.  Herstyler Classic Forever Ceramic Flat Iron 


The Herstyler is another inexpensive brand of hair straighteners . This model offers 1-inch solid ceramic plates that  heat up quickly and can reach a temperature of 460 degrees, plenty of heat to even style thick hair. Yet small enough to style bangs and put curls in your hair if you so desire.

While this iron does not have as many features as some of the competitors in its price range, it provides two most important benefits - silky, shiny, sleek hair - and the big smile that comes, with you finding a great bargain. 


Well, that completes our review of the best cheap flat irons on the market.  And while I know there is a tendency to think, "you get what you pay for", that's not always true. These irons will certainly have you eating your words. Great bargains in irons can be had after all.

Solid ceramic, ceramic-tourmaline plates, high-temperature ranges, ease of use, digital displays and controls in the $20-25 range. At these prices, you could afford to buy two - one for everyday styling at home and a second as a backup or for traveling. As I mentioned above, good deals can be found. But you have to look for them first.  Happy styling!

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