Barbershop Sponge

The barbershop sponge also known as the curl sponge is a very soft brush that helps twist hair giving it a very natural textured look. Many black men and young boys in the city are getting a haircut and requesting that their hair be twisted by this sponge. If you are a barber this is what you are seeking to be in your shop so you can satisfy your customers. If you have a dedicated cutter that uses a barbershop sponge you have found the right place to buy your very own.

Nothing feels better than waking up, getting dressed and grooming yourself with this tool. Add volume and a unique style to your look within minutes by simply twisting your hair with the twists sponge.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been on fire with people posting on their timelines about this item. Many pictures have been posted with the hashtag #curlsponge or #spongcurls.

barbershop sponge

How Long Does the Barbershop Sponge Last?

Asking how long the sponge curl brush last is a great question. The answer is just as simple. The barbershop sponge will last you about a good 6-months if used everyday. That’s a great investment for your image to be changed to something special that many men and women will compliment you on weekly.

Even the celebrities like Usher, Omarion, J.R. Smith and James Harden are in on the look. It’s just something about having your hair twisted to a curly look with a fresh haircut that attracts people.

Once your hair is styled with the twist sponge it will last all day too. No need to walk around with your fingers in your head all day. In less than two minutes you will be able to achieve the look your desire. Grab the best thing to curl your hair today and never be without the natural textured look people are rocking.