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Curl Sponge Haircut

Here is a quick look at a curl sponge haircut from the side and back. This hairstyle is basically a mohawk with a fade that fits best on a black man or boy. You can see that the hair is extremely healthy. Once your thirsty roots are properly moisturized and sealed using the curl sponge […]


Barbershop Sponge

The barbershop sponge also known as the curl sponge is a very soft brush that helps twist hair giving it a very natural textured look. Many black men and young boys in the city are getting a haircut and requesting that their hair be twisted by this sponge. If you are a barber this is […]


Curl Sponge for Black Men

The curl sponge for black men is an awesome product that you should own. Using it to twist your natural hair is easy and surely makes the haircut more appealing. Women in the roles of wives, girlfriends & fiancee’s are loving the look on their men who have a sponge curl. Getting the desired look […]


Curl Sponge for Men

The dopest tool in a black barbershop right now is the curl sponge for men. If you have seen a dude in your city with a blended fade mohawk that is curly he has been twisted up by a sponge. Little boys are also killing the scene with these cuts. There is no easier way […]


The SUPER Hot Curl Sponge Brush

A super dope way to lock and twist your black hair at home or in your favorite barbershop is to simply use the curl sponge. Some people like to call it a brush with holes and others who have found it on Instagram or Youtube simply refer to the spongy product as a twisting sponge. […]